Prove your humanity


It’s not every day that visiting Michigan ends up being this profitable. One Ohio resident is thanking his lucky stars though. His recent trip to the Great Lakes State made him a millionaire.

Adam Bradley, of Westerville Ohio, bought a Powerball ticket at a Speedway gas station.

“My mom, grandma, and I were going to dinner, and I told them I wanted to stop and buy tickets since I was in town,” said Bradley, a Michigan native. At the time he could never expected how fortunate a visit to his home state would be.

“My mom gave me $4 and I bought two separate tickets. When I got back to the car, I gave her one and kept one.”

He recalled a later conversation with his doubtful grandmother. “My grandma was skeptical. She said: ‘I don’t know why you play, no one ever wins!'” At the time, however, he had no idea he was holding winning numbers.

A family member began reading the winning numbers the next morning. As Bradley listened he realized his ticket matched five white balls that were drawn – 20-22-28-45-50.

“As I was listening to the numbers, I couldn’t believe my ears,” said Bradley. “I couldn’t stop shaking when I realized I’d won $1 million!

It was only fitting that his grandmother should get a good-natured ribbing.

“I told my grandma: ‘It turns out you were one million times wrong!’”

Bradley recently visited the Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. The 35-year-old will take some time planning how he’d like to spend his winnings. However, he does plan to buy a new home, take a family vacation, and put the rest into a savings account.

“Winning is nice, it gives me a sense of financial security,” Bradley said.

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