Prove your humanity

Diamond Dazzler_1509557171606_11557678_ver1.0

Lottery officials have announced that a 22 year old Wayne County man has won a $2 million windfall.

Some are referring to the anonymous player’s ticket purchases as an odd strategy. “I like playing instant games, but only buy odd-numbered tickets,” said the player. “The Diamond Dazzler game is my favorite, so I asked the clerk what number the ticket was. When she said ’21,’ I told her I wanted it.”

Like many winners, he was in disbelief after double checking the scratch-off ticket.

“I scratched it off in the store and when I saw it was a winner I looked at the clerk and then at my buddy who was with me, and ran out to my car,” he said.

The lucky winner chose to walk away with a $1.3 million lump sum.

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