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Marc Bean, owner of Paradise Games. Photo by: ©RGMagsBDA

Marc Bean, owner of Paradise Games. Photo by: ©RGMagsBDA

Bermuda is a British Territory one thousand miles away from Florida. Despite that, routine sales of the Sunshine State’s lottery tickets take place there.

Mr. Marc Bean, a partner of Paradise Games in Bermuda, stated he intends to continue ticket sales. Enter Anthony Cabot, of Lewis Roca Rothberger Christie Law Firm in Law Firm in Las Vegas. Attorney Cabot submitted an 8-page memo in early 2016 highlighting the ticket sales. The memo advised that sales of American lottery tickets were breaching American laws.

Cabot contests that Paradise Games is violating 2 provisions of Florida state law. Seven provisions of federal gambling statutes, designed to prevent money laundering, were also broken. Despite this, Mr. Bean rebuts that he has complied with all required documentation.

2016 saw many judicial hearings on the matter. Yet, the ticket sales are still ongoing.

Mr. Bean described how these Lottery ticket sales are made. Paradise Games employs a license agent working in Florida. This agent purchases tickets on behalf of customers. Winning tickets are redeemed in Florida by the agent. The winner is flown to Miami with all expenses paid and receive their winnings in Tallahassee.

He further reiterated that Paradise Games will follow any laws related to the betting industry.

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