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Des Moines Resident Doubles the Fun

After winning two Jackpot prizes in 6 months, a Des Moines man may be the luckiest player in Iowa. Timothy Wilson is a US Navy veteran who has struggled against heart failure. His difficult life has also seen him struggle with two bouts against cancer. He currently suffers from diabetes and depression. His luck, however, is improving. In the past 6 months, Wilson has won two prizes for a total of $140,000 in winnings. He won $100,000 in May while playing the lottery’s $20 Lucky Game Book. This month, he again struck gold with a $43,248 Jackpot Party Progressive Instaplay Jackpot. Wilson said he would continue to play scratch off lottery games – which is what he prefers. “I feel like I have some good karma after all the bad luck I had with health and everything,” he said. Wilson stated that he will be donating some of his winnings to Capitol Hill Lutheran Church, and some of his cousins. “My family is very important to me,” he said.

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