Prove your humanity


Barabara Wragg and her husband, Ray. Photo by: Daily Mail.

Barbara Wragg, a retired hospital worker, donated most of her winnings to the needy.

Over the course of the past 18 years, Barbara proceeded to give away £5.5M of her £7.6M jackpot prize.

She used some of the money to secure the financial futures of her children and grandchildren. She and her husband then identified and contributed to local charities and hospitals. Her years of generosity earned her the nickname, Lotto Angel.

Thousands of tributes have poured in from those affected by her philanthropy. Even more people, moved by her contributions, also attended her wake.

It may come as some consolation that she did spend a modest amount of the fortune on her own family. Barbara and her husband, who had never traveled abroad, bought passports. Their holidays took them to New York City, the Med, Venice, and the Caribbean. The couple also bought a house with bay windows in Sheffield, which was a long-time dream of Barbara’s.


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