Prove your humanity


Imagine this; you purchase a ticket and expect the upcoming draw. When it arrives you check your tickets. Stunning – you’ve won! Then, to make sure your eyes aren’t deceiving you, you double check the numbers. You won a £1 million jackpot prize! Then, just as quick, you learn you had the wrong numbers. Seems like a bad dream, right? That’s exactly how things played out for the newly-engaged couple from Snodland near Maidstone. Mike Tyler, 35, and fiancé Sarah Harmer, 33, couldn’t believe their luck. Mick was having dinner at a local pub when he received an email from the National Lottery. Unfortunately, due to a bad signal, he was unable to log into his account. His father commented that it was probably only a few quid, and they continued their meal. Mick said: “When we got home I logged on again and saw an email announcing I’d won £1 million. “I showed Sarah who immediately got the numbers up on the TV and cross-referenced to the winning Lotto Millionaire Raffle code.” They were once again delayed in confirming the findings as the call center would not open again until 8 AM. Mick said: “We were like ‘let’s not get completely carried away’, so we just had to wait. It was like, at 8am we are going to know for definite. We set our alarms and at 8am we were straight on the phone. We rang, we spoke to them.” They eagerly called the National Lottery that morning to claim their prize. They were stunned when a call center advisor told them there had been a mistake. Mick explained: “He said ‘oh no, no you haven’t won’. I looked at Sarah and I was like ‘oh’. The couple must have experienced a sinking feeling of disappointment following such news. Luckily, a happy ending was in the works. As Mick stated: “And then he said ‘oh sorry, it’s my mistake, I was looking at the wrong date’ and he said ‘yeah I can confirm you’ve won £1 million.” The relieved couple then began screaming and hugging in joy. They revealed how they intend to spend the winnings: “We were on the phone to our family. My family came straight over. We skipped a day off work. We were all celebrating all day and we took them all out for a nice lunch and a few drinks.” Sarah said: “We’ve put a deposit down on a new-build house in Snodland. It’s got five bedrooms. It’s going to be ready by March or April 2019.”

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