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ChosunLottopia member Kim Jae-won (pseudonym), a Gold Member, won a $900,000 windfall. It was the first prize in the Korean national lottery. The big win comes after only 8 months of using Lottopia’s Smart Combos.

“I chose the Lottopia Smart Combos at random and bought a lottery ticket in the hopes of using an approach based on statistics. I wanted to buy 15 combinations. My friends decided to chip in after I told them about the service.

On Saturday, after the 451st draw, Kim Jae-won received a call from Lottopia. Learning he had hit the jackpot came as a shock.

“I immediately checked the lottery ticket I had bought but it didn’t have a winning number. So, I called a friend who was supposed to have bought a ticket. I couldn’t reach him for over an hour,” Jae-won said.

His friend, who opted to remain anonymous, said, “I couldn’t pick up his call because I had another meeting. Then I saw a bunch of messages from Jae-won saying, ‘Where are you?!'”

“I had a faint idea that he had some good news but I could not have imagined we won first place,” he continued.

He eventually returned his friend’s call to hear the amazing news.

“I was surprised to find out I had the winning ticket. I seriously wouldn’t have bought it without Jae-won’s encouragement and Smart Combo number.”

Their group of friends decided to split the prize evenly. Said another anonymous friend, “I actually had to reach out and touch the cash with my own hands. I couldn’t believe it. It was a really incredible, fun experience. I was convinced someone was going to come back and tell us it was all a prank.”

The group of friends is now more convinced than ever of the power of statistical lottery analysis.

“At first I did not think about winning. I think luck comes naturally when you play consistently and sincerely!” Jae-won said.

Kim Jae-won can now be found in the Lottopia Hall of Fame in Korea!

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