Prove your humanity

SHUTTERSTOCKNanum Lotto’s 477th round winner walked away with a tidy windfall. This, after winning the national lottery’s grand prize of $1.7 million. Despite the good fortune, Han Ho Sung’s charitable efforts were on full display.

The 36-year-old married couple said they wanted to spend what money they to cover some bills. During the interview, they discussed their volunteer activities and regular charity donations. Their dedication gave us a warm impression.

After winning, Han Ho Sung was able to clear all his debts. He immediately proceeded to begin spending remaining funds on charities.

“I sympathized with the pain people around me were going through. I remembered what it was like. If I look back on my fortunes before the big win, I have to admit my life was difficult. It would have been nice to have had a helping hand,” he said. “I hope these small donations comfort someone in need.”

Han is currently sponsoring a group of African children.

Kwon Do-woon, winner of the 501st prize of $2.7 million was not to be outdone. Kwon is a regular sponsor of institutions supporting children’s welfare. He also volunteers his time at a local elderly care facility near his home.

“I didn’t want to mention it, but since you asked, I just thought I should let you know,” he said. “I am volunteering and donating, but it’s really nothing in the grand scheme of things. It really is such a small effort on my part.”

To date, the Lottopia app has led 88 winners to the jackpot prize in Korea’s national lottery. It does so by generating numbers based on historically winning draws. It proprietary algorithm analyzes draws and determines combinations, both hot and cold. It also uses best practices to rule out unlikely patterns like birthdays or anniversary dates.

The app is available now on both Android and iOS.

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