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Man Upgrades Cruise After Holiday Win

KakaoTalk_20181220_172712652Most Americans are busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season. While shopping keeps the rest of us occupied, a Christmas miracle came early for one North Carolina resident. He’s now celebrating a $100,000 lottery win and December in style.

Harlow, a Gaston County resident, happened to stop by the Circle K convenience store in Gastonia. He was on his way to work as a security guard. The Marine veteran purchased a Big Money Playbook there, the odds of which were 1 in 600,000.

After making his rounds, he finished scratching the book of tickets. He was shocked to discover he had won the game’s top prize. He will be taking home $70,507 after taxes.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Harlow told lottery officials, according to the news release. “I literally went up to one of our towers and let out the biggest, ‘Yes!’ I just yelled out I was so happy.”

Harlow revealed his plans for the prize while speaking to lottery officials.

“It’s not just a chance to celebrate. My wife is battling breast cancer right now, and having something to look forward to will help her get through the chemo treatments,” he said.

He decided to upgrade their room to the largest available on an anniversary cruise he has been planning with his cancer-stricken wife.

The couple met more than three decades ago. Well-wishers are now congratulating Harlow on social media and praising his plans to spend the winnings.

“It was a whirlwind romance,” Harlow said. “I think most people didn’t think we’d last. We met 33 years ago and have been together ever since.”

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