Prove your humanity


Sometimes good happenings come disguised as bad luck. At least, that’s what one Maryland man claims after winning a $50,000 windfall. He attributes this fortunate turn of events to a missed school bus.

Kevin Fenwick, a Baltimore resident, told lottery officials that he visits the same store to buy tickets every day. On this day, however, he was forced to take a different route after his children missed their school bus.

“I dropped the kids off and made my way to work, keeping an eye out for a store that sold tickets,” Fenwick said.

The new route brought him to Edgewood Liquors where he bought a $5 Holiday Cash scratch-off.

“I knew exactly which game to look for,” he said.

The ticket surprised him with a $50,000 top prize.

“When I saw the $50,000, I couldn’t believe it was real. I got up and walked around the house and sat back down in front of the ticket. The $50,000 was still there,” Fenwick said.

Kevin says he immediately called his wife to relay the good news. He had trouble convincing her of his good luck though.

“I’ve been known to joke about big lottery wins in the past,” Fenwick said. “I had one devil of a time convincing her that this one was real.”

Fenwick says he plans to use the jackpot prize money for practical purposes.

“We have several significant projects that we’ve gotten started but just haven’t been able to finish for financial reasons. Now we can, and that will let us move on to the next thing,” he said.

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