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ShutterStock2A local Seoulite won a $2.1 million windfall after envisioning the grand prize in a vivid dream. Ms. Yang tells us the story of how Lottopia helped her ticket hit the money.
“I was shopping at a local mart when I received a call from my husband. I stepped outside and picked up the phone. He told me we had just won the lottery. It felt like my heart stopped beating at that very moment.”
Mr. Yang had been a dedicated lottery player for a few years, despite the fact they had never won. One day, while online, his wife discovered Lottopia. She began reading up on previous winners and the logic behind the analytics. After talking to her husband, they decided to subscribe to the service as well. They would end up hitting a jackpot only 3 months later.
The family often alternated responsibilities for purchasing the tickets. One week it was Mr. Yang, the next Mrs. Yang, and the week after, their daughter. The only rule was that they would use Lottopia’s smart combos while choosing the ticket. Mrs. Yang confessed that she had a dream her daughter would win a $2 million jackpot. It was a premonition that, amazingly, came true.
After claiming the jackpot, Mrs. Yang said, “I consulted with my husband and we decided to make a huge donation to our local church. We’re also going to invest in a house and take care of some bills. I am so grateful for this prize, and I’m praying that everyone else can experience such good luck!”
But the developers at Lottopia know that there’s more than luck at work here. Lottopia currently holds the national record in Korea for most Jackpots hit by a single service. That’s thanks to the amazing analytics at work to determine our Lottopicks. We parse historical data to find hot numbers so we can take out the guesswork of purchasing tickets.
Why don’t you give our award-winning system a shot for Powerball and Mega Millions today?
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