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ny-daily-news2The following article was recently featured in The New York Daily.

It’s no secret that the national lottery games are one of America’s unofficial pastimes. With the big games boasting ever-larger jackpot prizes, interest has reached an all-time high — and the U.S. now ranks as the world’s largest lottery market.

However, the odds of striking the jackpot still remain woefully out of reach. Powerball jackpot odds currently sit at 1 in 292.2 million, while Mega Millions is even higher at 1 in 302.5 million, according to an article by CBS MoneyWatch.  

Because of those odds, American lotto players are looking for an edge. Enter Lottopia — a powerful new app that streamlines choosing and managing numbers. The app allows users to log their ticket numbers, receive updated results and review analytics updated after every draw. Also featured are inspiring stories about winners from around America.  

The app’s true draw, however, is the Lottery Analytics System — a unique algorithm, known as LASS.

The Brain Contents Group, the South Korean developers of Lottopia, is no stranger to jackpot analytics. LASS generates these numbers, called Lottopicks, by studying historical trends to recommend combinations. Registered users receive these suggestions before each draw. To date, 85 grand prize winners in South Korea used LASS to choose their numbers, setting a national record.

Now, having adapted the system for major U.S. lotteries, the company is offering Lottopicks to the world’s preeminent lotto market. Although the Lottopia app is new, one user has already won a $200 prize using a free number combination received from Lottopia. To date, the Lottopicks have outperformed random numbers at striking the jackpot 5 to 0 in over 30 simulated test runs, according to a Lottopia spokesperson.  

The Lottopia app is now available for download on iOS and Android.

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