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Image by: NCLottery

A North Carolina woman is thanking her lucky stars for a $1 million windfall. She credits her win to a random text message.

While taking her lunch break on Friday, she received a text message from her co-worker asking for a Red Bull. The gas station she usually frequents was full, so she decided to try another stop.

Her co-worker had been winning on a scratch-off ticket game called Colossal Cash.

Sue Manchester continued, “I grabbed the Red Bull and then noticed I had a $20 and a $10 bill,” Manchester said. “I decided to get one of the tickets since my coworker has been winning on it recently.”

She returned to the office and gifted her co-worker with the Red Bull. After doing so, she scratched off the ticket and revealed the winning combo.

“I saw the symbol and was like, ‘No. This doesn’t happen.’ I showed the same coworker and he said, ‘Sue, you just won $1 million.’ I still didn’t believe it. It’s very serendipitous. Especially since I rarely get scratch-off tickets.”

Manchester elected to take home a lump sum prize. After deducting taxes, she walked away with $420,000 in prize money.

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