Prove your humanity

KakaoTalk_20180921_111745096Barbara Reddick made headlines in July after she and her nephew won a $912,000 lotto prize. The controversy arose when Reddick declared that she would sue her nephew. Reddick had asked Tyrone MacInnis to buy $100 worth of Chase the Ace tickets. After buying the tickets, she asked her nephew to write his name on each of them for good luck. According to her, the family often claimed he had a “lucky” name when it came to tickets. To their surprise, the pair won the top prize. But, the awards ceremony was not a joyous occasion for Barbara. She made headlines when, she stated she would sue both her nephew and Chase the Ace. The incident happened during the awards ceremony. She further stated that there had been no agreement with Tyrone to split the winnings. Many observers were disgusted by Barbara’s her behavior. After all, Tyrone’s name had fulfilled its lucky purpose. Despite the setback, the good news is that the pair has finally agreed to a settlement. Reddick will take the bulk of the winnings (C$872,639) while 19-year-old Tyrone will walk away with C$350,000. They are both satisfied with the outcome. Ms Reddick’s lawyer stated that they are looking forward to putting the fight in the past.

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